Guest workers: people who temporarily migrate to another country to obtain jobs

* Workers in Europe
o Workers are protected by minimum wage laws, labor union contracts, and support groups
o Foreign born workers make up:
+ ½ of the labor force in Luxemburg
+ 1/6 in Switzerland
+ 1/10 in Austria, Belgium, and Germany
o 700,000 immigrants enter Europe each year
o 500,000 enter illegally
o They take low status and low skilled jobs other workers won’t have
+ Driving buses
+ Collecting garbage
+ Washing dishes
+ Repairing streets
o Even though the pay is low, guest workers still earn more in Europe than they would at home
o This helps their home countries by reducing the unemployment rate since so many people are working outside the country
o Remittances help stimulate the economy of the home country
o Guest workers in Europe come from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia
+ Turkey sends many workers to Germany
+ Countries with former French colonies such as Algeria and Morocco send guest workers to France

Workers in the Middle East

* In the Middle East, many workers travel to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Israel, and Kuwait
o Saudi Arabia
+ More than half the work force in Saudi Arabia consists of guest workers
+ However, the government is trying to replace foreign workers with native Saudi workers
o The UAE
+ Many workers travel to the UAE illegally because of good living conditions
+ About 90% of the work force are guest workers
+ Many illegal immigrants leave the UAE once they have earned enough money. This has caused major problems because there is no one to fill in for the work that the illegal immigrants were doing
o Jordan
+ Guest workers have helped reduce unemployment
+ About ¾ of guest workers are from Egypt
+ Certain jobs, such as medicine and engineering, are off limits to guest workers
o Israel
+ Many illegal immigrants enter Israel so that Israel has to deport almost 2,000 immigrants a month
+ Most foreign workers are from Romania, Thailand, the Philippines, and North Africa. They overstay their visas so that they can live illegally in Israel
+ Many Palestinians have to work in Israel, since unemployment in Palestine is over 50%
o Kuwait
+ Workers that are found HIV positive are deported