Ethnic ReligionUniversal Religion
Explanation: Ethnic Religion usually consists of beliefs, superstitions and rituals carried out from generation to generation within a specific ethnicity and culture. It follows one ethnicity because the religion does not tend to convert. Therefore new members are created primarily from birth rates like ethnicities. In some ways it acts like folk culture. It expands via relocation diffusion and increases often through birth rates. Ethnic religions are also closely tied to culture and ethnic heritage. -are closely tied to the physical geography of a particular placeExplanation: Universal religion is one that seeks out new members. They welcome anyone and everyone.. Universal means applying to all, which is more information. Universal religions consist of many members, and these members are often of different ethnic backgrounds (very diverse) hence the term universal. It is also true that you can convert to a Universal religion at any time of your desire because once again, anyone is welcome to be a member/follower of a universal religion. So, it is evident that Universal religions consist of many different ethnicities because they convert, they accept anyone of any background. -are usually not so closely tied to one place Similar terms: Global religion, proselytic religion

World percentages of top religions:
-Christians 33.32% (of which Roman Catholics 16.99%, Protestants 5.78%, Orthodox 3.53%, Anglicans 1.25%); 2 billion people.
-Muslims 21.01%; 1.3 billion people.
-Hindus 13.26%; 820 million people.
-Buddhists 5.84%; 365 million people.
-Jews 0.23%; 6 million people.