-Germans and Scandinavians chain-migrated to the northern midwest making it predominantly Lutheran
-Mexicans came up to the south giving a major influx of Catholics to the southwest
-Mormons fled persecution and went to the area of Utah
-Catholics dominate Chicago because the groups that chain migrated here are Polish, Italians, Irish, Filipinos, and other Catholic Europeans.
-The south is Baptist due to an influx of Europeans with a protestant background

-The four most popular religions in the United States:

-Christianity- 76% of Americans label themselves as members of the Christian faith. Christianity has also become one of the most popular religions worldwide due to the fact that the religion has become pop culture and there are Christian missionaries’ worldwide.

-Judaism-Judaism has only about a 1.3% population in the United States. People of the Jewish faith tend to live in areas with other Jews. The rest of the world has a slightly larger percentage due to the fact that the state of Israel is completely Jewish.

-Islam-There is only about a .5% population of Islamic people in the United States. However, it is one of the most popular religions in the world especially in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa.

-Buddhism -There is only about a .5% population in the United States. Being the predominant religion in Asia, Buddhism makes up a very large number of people worldwide.

Ethnic Groups in the United States

African Americans- are more concentrated in the southeast and in cities in outside of the southeast
-Highest concentrations in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina
-When in the north or other areas, very heavily concentrated in cities. For example, they are 85% of the population of Detroit but only 7% of Michigan.
-in general, upwards of 90% of their population is in cities compared to 75% for Americans in general

Hispanics are concentrated in the southwest (cities and rural) and cities outside of the southwest but not as heavily concentrated in cities as African-Americans?.
-heavily concentrated in the states of Arizona, California, and Texas and New Mexico
-most numerous of all of the ethnicities
-around 90% live in cities so not quite as high as African-Americans? but higher than the general population

Asians are concentrated more to the west coast.
-represent 40% of the population of Hawaii
-12% of California
-Chinese account for 1/4th of all Asian-Americans?, Filipinos 1/5th, Indians 1/5th, Koreans 1/10th, Vietnamese 1/10th

Ethnicities are clustered together at all levels. They tend to be in certain regions of the country, within certain sections (cities) of those regions, and withing ethnic neighborhoods or ghettos within the cities.