AP Human Geography Social Issues and Geography

Writing Comments Key

Throat Clearing            Ex: "In this paper, I will..."
Ugh / Awk                     Very Awkward
Huh / ?                          Clarity Issues
Choppy / Jumpy           Jumps from One Point to Another with No Connection
MYPIYOW                    Make Your Point In Your Own Words
PV                                 Passive Voice
V                                   Checks Mean You Made a Good Point
S-V                               Subject - Verb Agreement
SpV                              Spell Check
Rep                               Repeating a Point
Red                               Redundant (point made previously although maybe not directly)
Stet                               Forget my Comments / Leave Your Words as They Are
RO                                Run On
Frag                              Fragment
P                                   Paragraph Stucture is Off
GR                                Something with Your Grammar is Amiss
Awk                              Correct in Terms of Grammar but Awkwardly Stated
TS                                Topic Sentence
TH                                Thesis
I                                     Using the First Person
ABCD                          Above and Beyond the Call of Duty / Excellent Work
INC                                Incomplete
Specifics                      Failure to Add Specific Details
Sweep                          Overgeneralization
Simplify                         Using too Many Words to Get to the Point
WC                                Word Choice Is Incorrect
HRT                               Did not Explain How Your Point Relates to Your Thesis
OT                                 Off Topic
SPR                              Subject to Pronoun Agreement Issue
OK                                 Good but not Great Work
2B                                 "To Be" Verb Used too Often
Sub1                              Put the Subject Doing the Action First